Couple Went Back Twice To Find Kitten on Bridge and Refused to Leave without Her...

Couple Went Back Twice To Find Kitten on Bridge and Refused to Leave without Her...


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A woman spotted something alive on a bridge as they drove by. They looped around a couple of times and were surprised by what they found.

Facebook/Markus Heyder

Erin and Markus were crossing the bridge when she saw something that looked like a small animal trapped on the railing of the bridge. She was very concerned.

"She said she saw something alive on the bridge as we sped by at 60MPH, so we looped around, and then she swore that something looked at her, so we looped around again. Third time was a charm," Markus wrote on Facebook.

They found a tiny tortoiseshell kitten clinging to a support beam on the railing and was dangerously close to the edge. Markus quickly pulled over and turned on the emergency blinkers. "Both our hearts were beating, we were scared she was going to jump."

Facebook/Markus Heyder

Erin got off the car and slowly approached the kitten with a towel in her hand, trying not to startle her. When she was close enough, Erin reached out to grab the tortie and immediately returned to her car.

"What you can't see in the video (below) is her jumping around the back of the support beam clinging to an inch of concrete, which is why I had to reach over the edge to grab under her so she didn't fall off," Erin wrote.

Facebook/Markus Heyder

The kitten was still very scared but was glad to be in the safe hands of her rescuer.

Erin stroked the little kitten's head to comfort her and wrapped the towel around her to help her calm down. She reassured the kitten that everything will be OK. The little tortie curled up in her lap throughout the trip to her new home.

Facebook/Markus Heyder

They named the kitten Bridgett Joy Turtle Heyder!

Watch the rescue in this video:

"(She is) 1 1/2 pounds and only 6 weeks old. Other than a few parasites, she's a healthy, happy little girl," Erin said in an update.

Facebook/Erin Hutchko

Thanks to the keen eyes of the kind-hearted woman, not only was the kitten's life saved, but the tortie found a forever home with her rescuers.

Bridgett loves cuddling with her forever humans. She's happy and loved!

Facebook/Erin Hutchko

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