Dog Walker Found Suitcase on Rail Track and Heard Meowing from Inside...

Dog Walker Found Suitcase on Rail Track and Heard Meowing from Inside...


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A woman was walking her dog when she discovered an abandoned suitcase on a disused railway line and was shocked to hear meowing coming from inside.

She immediately unzipped the bag only to find nine kitties—a black and white cat and her five-week-old babies—staring back at her from the navy blue case.


The suitcase full of cats was found in a remote location between Great Yeldham and Castle Hedingham in Halstead, Essex (UK) on Tuesday, 7 March.

The dog walker took the kitties home for safety and contacted the RSPCA where rescuers came to pick up the feline family and brought them into their care.

"It was pure chance that this woman happened to find these little kittens and their mum," Donna Smith, RSPCA Animal Collections Officer, shares with Love Meow in a press release.

"She was walking along the disused rail track when she wandered past a dumped suitcase, not thinking anything of it until her dog stopped and started sniffing it."


No one knows how long the kitties had been there but they are now in good care. "It would not have ended well had this kindly woman not come to their rescue," Smith said.

They named the eight kittens after the characters from The Aristocats - Toulouse (male, tabby/white), Tiny Tim (male black/white), Scat Cat (male, tabby), Berloiz (male, black), Alli (male tabby), Duchess (female tabby), Marie (female, black), Eve (female tabby).


They were very skinny when they came to the RSPCA centers, but have since put on some weight and built up their strength. The 5-year-old mama cat, Tarini, is doing much better after receiving intensive care at the vets as she was very dehydrated.

"They are all doing really well now, although mum Tarini originally had to be put on a drip as she was so dehydrated and weak. She is back with her kittens now though," Katya Mira of RSPCA told Love Meow.


These eight snuggly kittens are purring with their mama cat by their side at a safe and comfortable place. They no longer need to worry about fighting for survival.

Thanks to the kind woman and her dog, these deserving kitties now have a chance to live the rest of their lives in luxury and love.


Share this story with your friends. The feline family will be available for adoption once they are old enough. If you are interested in adopting them or other kitties, click here for more info. Follow updates on the feline family at the RSPCA Facebook page.

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