Egyptian Mau Fastest Dometic Cat Breed

Egyptian Mau Fastest Dometic Cat Breed


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Egyptian Maus are an energetic breed that is perhaps the oldest cat breed alive. The Egyptian Mau has natural spotted fur and skin. Their look has not changed much from thousands of years ago. They still retain the regal, elegant figure as those depicted in the artwork from the ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Maus are the only natural breed that has spotted patterns unlike Ocicat that is crossed between a Siamese and an Abyssinian, or Bengal or Savannah cats that are hybrids crossed between a domestic cat and a wild cat.


Egyptian Maus have a stocky figure, strong, longer hind legs and flap of skin that make them the fastest runner of all domestic cats. They have excellent agility and are able to run at 30 mph or 48 km/h.

Flickr: Muffet


Though there is no record that states the origin of the Egyptian Mau. These felines are believed to come from Africa where their ancestor cats can be seen in many ancient Egyptian paintings.


Egyptian Maus are intelligent and active cats. They build strong bonds with their owners and are eager to spend time with them. These spotted cats are not always a lap cat due to their sensitivity to sounds, smells, movements, etc. They are adventurous and love to explore in any territory. They may not welcome strange cats or other pets, but they are truly loyal to their human companions.

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Image via Flickr: hlehto

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