Feral Kitty Family Got a Second Chance

Feral Kitty Family Got a Second Chance


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A feral cat mama and her 4 babies found Ryan O. on his back porch one day and their lives were forever changed. Ryan, a volunteer from Dane County Friends of Ferals took in the furry family and provided warmth, comfort and food. The little snuggly ones clung to their mother until they opened their eyes. They started walking their way around and exploring their new territory. Ryan socialized the little kittens, hoping to find them all their forever loving homes.

One of the kittens, Guinevere has been adopted. Her three siblings named King ArthurSir Galahad and Sir Lancelot and their mom are now available for adoption. These fuzzballs play, nom, and snooze in Madison, Wisconsin. Ryan O. is working on TNR with many wonderful rescuers on the farm, saving lives. Kudos to you guys!

One of the little fuzzballs

Mama cuddles her babies

Big hug!

Snuggle time!

Kitten is getting bigger and more curious everyday!

Ready to find their forever homes.

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