Firefighters Save Cat From House Fire: Emotional Reunion

Firefighters Save Cat From House Fire: Emotional Reunion


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A cat was saved by the firefighters from a burning home on Wednesday July 31 in South Bend, IN. South Bend firefighters Troy Platz and Ken Knoell pulled the black and white cat named "Little" out of the burning home and provided the kitty very needed oxygen.

When Jocelyn Wallace saw her beloved cat, she clutched Little. It was an emotional reunion.

South Bend firefighters battle a house fire, trying to bring all the people and pets to safety

Firefighters Troy Platz carries Little the cat saved from the house fire.

Firefighters Troy Platz and Ken Knoell give the black and white kitty oxygen.

Little is treated with oxygen and care by the firefighters

South Bend firefighter Jeremy Remble reunites Little with his family

When Jocelyn Wallace sees Little, she clutches her beloved cat.

It is an emotional reunion.

Source: South Bend Tribune.

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