Four Rescued Blue Tabbies

Four Rescued Blue Tabbies


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Genevieve and Sharon picked up these four little orphaned kittens when they were still little fuzzy babies. Sharon is specialized in bottle babies. "Her fosters come from a shelter way out in the country. They call her when they have bottle babies or mamas."

Sharon and Genevieve rescued them since the shelter was over capacity and could not keep them any more. They brought them to their own rescue group. "My expert kitten namers went classical on this group. We have Aphrodite, Andromeda, Augustus and Artemis. Augustus was the tiniest, scrawniest of his litter when they came to their foster mom. He's filled out, but he's still the smallest."

With a lot of help through Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART), the 4 kitties went to their forever homes in pairs :).

Photos courtesy of ©Genevieve Dietrich (flickr: Gini).

Little furballs in action:

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