Frida the Mischievous Tabby Kitty

Frida the Mischievous Tabby Kitty


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When Maria Cangemi laid her eyes on a little tabby kitten, she fell in love and the rest is history.

Frida the kitty was found in Palermo, Italy. She is a little mischief maker who surely keeps her mom busy with all the antics she makes.  Anything she touches can be turned into a toy. Her mom often finds her bracelets become victoms of Frida's mischief.

Frida is all love and fun. When Maria plays with her outside, she tags along wherever her mom goes. When they are back home, she jumps right into her lap for a quick nap. To Frida, there is nothing more comfortable than being with the person she loves.

Photos courtesy of ©Maria Cangemi (Maria's DeviantArt and Flickr).


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