Fuzzy White Kitten Meows Her Way into Forever Home

Fuzzy White Kitten Meows Her Way into Forever Home


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Written by Jennifer Lee.

My dad was mowing the lawn two weeks ago and heard a noise that he thought was an injured animal. He went and got my mom and they started poking around their garden, expecting to find something bad. My dad said that the screeching sounded like an injured duck. When they looked underneath one of my mom's huge mums, they saw a tiny white kitten just sitting there.

They immediately brought her inside and cleaned her off, bought a bottle for her and instantly fell in love. Her full name is Harper Rose, and at the time the vet estimated she was about three weeks old and she only weighed 8 oz. Now she is about a pound and a half, eating regular food, and into everything.

My parents have always loved cats but my dad is extremely allergic. He has been taking medicine since they found Rosie because they so badly want to keep her.

Photos courtesy of ©Jennifer Lee (flickr: Jenndalyn). Here is kitty cleaning his tosies and being absolutely adorable:

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