Family Gives Their Ginger Cat an Unlikely Friend and They Form an Incredible Bond..


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These two unlikely friends not only share a remarkable resemblance, but they also share an inseparable bond.

Meet Gus the ginger cat and Wallace the Flemish Giant rabbit.


Gus and Wallace are like brothers, best friends since the day they met.

Wallace grew up with Gus and looks up to him. He likes following his feline buddy around the house, hopping about. Gus adores his bunny and showers him with baths and brotherly love. The gentle cat often snuggles up to his long-eared brother like his squishy big pillow.

Wallace was a little bun when he met Gus. It was love at first sight.


Gus is very protective of his brother from another mother.


Cuddling is their favorite thing to do.


Then one day Wallace caught up in size!


Their love has only gotten stronger!


Despite their differences, Gus loves his strange looking "cat" as his own.


It's time for a bath!

What a beautiful bond! Love has no boundaries.

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