Gizmo the Shy Kitty

Gizmo the Shy Kitty


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Written by ©Jean (a rescuer and foster parent) (flickr: wee3beasties).

Gizmo is a gorgeous little calico girl born on 9/22/09 to a devoted rescued adolescent momma. She is amazingly precious and naturally more shy and reserved. That was evident when she would stay back and watch while the other kittens played with visitors. Gizmo, though, loved me. She would come for cuddling and affection.

I felt terrible the day I gave her to a young gal who wanted a kitten to keep her own cat company (I do my best to screen potential adopters). Gizmo rode so peacefully in the car. I admit I held her and let her cuddle away under my chin while my husband drove. She was perfectly content. . . then the shock of being handed to a complete stranger hit. Her expression pierced my heart. . . "I trusted you! You betrayed me!" The sad thing is that the home did not work out for little Gizmo, not due to any fault of this little feline treasure. Thankfully, she happily returned to our home. Another person fell in love with this girl, and now Gizmo is in a wonderful forever home.

Not only is Gizmo well loved, her new owner fostered an older kitten that Gizmo adored, so she opted to keep the foster. . . now Gizmo has a companion she adores! I'm so grateful that ever last one of the ten cats I adopted out ended up in wonderful forever homes, and Gizmo is no exception! She is such a little treasure.

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

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