Goku Mr. Personality

Goku Mr. Personality


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Goku is one of Giane Portal's first cats. When she adopted Lua, the runt of her litter, Goku caught her eye. "Lua was very quiet and she was protected by a little guy who wouldn't leave her. At the time I knew I couldn't take Lua without taking him with her," said Giane.

"Goku is very affectionate, talkative and social with people. He is respected by all cats in the house and gets along well with most of them," said Giane who has rescued and adopted many stray/feral cats.

"He loves to go to the bathroom with me. Whenever someone is in the shower, he's there. He loves the bathtub so much that I have to take him out of it when I am going to use it. He also loves to drink fresh water and demands it." Goku likes his litter box to be as clean as new. "If his litter box isn't clean enough for him, he will surely let you know. Sometimes I have to clean it before and after he uses it."

"When I get home from work, he is always by the door waiting for me. I just love him, my sweetheart Goku!"

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal.

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