Lua the Cat, a Little Angel

Lua the Cat, a Little Angel


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Written by Giane Portal.

Lua was a very tiny kitten when I first met her. All the other kittens were stronger and more playful. She was very quiet, shy and was always protected by a little guy named Goku who wouldn't leave her out of eye-shot. By then I knew that I had to take both of them home with me.

Because she was so tiny, I suspected that she had been having a hard time getting food. I made sure from that point on, she would be fed well and full. Soon after that, Lua got bigger, stronger and much happier.

She is a cat with a lot of pride. She is also very selective. She loves me and my boyfriend, and she adores Goku. With the rest of the cats in the house, she just tolerates them.

One time I was swamped with work and I felt very tense not knowing if I could do so many things with so little time. Lua never left my side for one minute. Wherever I was, she was there. I spent much time in the office, which is not her favorite room at all, but she stayed there the whole time with me regardless. She got happier when I moved her cat sofa to the office, so she could be with me on her favorite furniture. When I took a break to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, or just to take a nap, she tagged along with me. All of my cats were very close to me during those very hectic weeks, but Lua was like a guardian angel, every step I took she was with me!

She is so feminine and gentle. When she wants to be petted, she will gently meow in her tender voice. Whenever I get home from outside, she turns her neck in a charming pose and then offers her belly to be rubbed. If I close the door and open it again, she will give me the same pose.

I love Lua so much. She's a princess. Her days of being a hungry baby are still in her memory. She tends to eat a lot. Sometimes if I am not looking, she may overeat. But she is always my little angel and my love.

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas).

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