Kitten Found Behind an Old Refrigerator Has Made Quite a Comeback!

Kitten Found Behind an Old Refrigerator Has Made Quite a Comeback!


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This precious little rescue kitten will melt your heart! Meet Winnie!

Winnie the kitten rescued by Tenth Life in St Louis, Missouri.

Elizabeth Frick of Tenth Life shares the story:

"Winnie was rescued by a compassionate former volunteer when she was just 3 weeks old. She was born to a feral mama cat on the streets and was discovered beneath a board behind an old refrigerator, with a severe upper respiratory infection.

The former volunteer brought her inside, caring for her until she became more responsive. When she exhibited labored breathing, he reached out to our volunteer and foster network for additional help. One of our loving foster parents, Hannah, stepped up to the plate and got Winnie through a critical period over the weekend, giving her antibiotics, eye ointment, subcutaneous fluids, and steam treatments with a nebulizer.

Courtesy of Tenth Life

Watch video: Winnie gets belly tickles!

Winnie seemed to be improving. However, a few days later on July 4th, Winnie was declining. Hannah whisked her to the emergency room, and we're so glad she did.

Courtesy of Tenth Life

The first day, she showed no improvement, and we were very anxious about her prognosis. After another 24 hours, she had improved dramatically and was able to come home shortly after.

We're so glad that Winnie made it through these critical periods and hope that it's smooth sailing from here on out!"

Courtesy of Tenth Life

Update: She's found her forever home and is all grown up now!

Courtesy of Tenth Life

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