Hana the Kitten Gained a Second Chance

Hana the Kitten Gained a Second Chance


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Chino from Japan went with her friend to pick up a boy kitten that the owner could not keep. When they got there, Chino saw another kitten named Hana from the same litter who was playing with her brother.

"I looked at the cats and immediately I knew that they were sick. I thought they might have contracted some sort of feline virus."

In Japan, land is scarce, in most places people can only have one cat. Chino's friend could only take the brother with her. They were very concerned about Hana. "The owner was not planning on treating the cats, so I decided to adopt Hana. I just could not leave her there alone."

"Just as I thought, Hana and her brother both had upper respiratory problems. We put them on treatment right away and they are now recovering and getting bigger and stronger everyday."

Please spay and neuter.

Photos courtesy of Chino A.

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