Happy Place Run by Nine Rescue Cats, Store Manager is Feline


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This very happy place is run by nine rescue kitties. One (sometimes two) of them is the store manager!

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

In Japan, there is a little cozy cafe run by none but rescue cats. The store manager, who often sits in the box next to the cashier, supervises the daily operation and gives the human customers purrs and a lot of cuddles as they come visit.

Cats are adored in Japan, but most of the feline friends from cat cafes there are non-rescues.

When Hannah Shaw, kitten rescuer of Kitten Lady, discovered this rare gem called Neko Cafe Time (in the heart of Fushimi ward, Kyoto), where rescue cats rule the roost, she knew she had to check it out.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

"I was so excited to stumble upon a cafe supporting shelter cats. The cats are all rescued and living a great life in a cute lil second-story cafe near the Inari Shrine," Hannah shares.

All the kitties were given a second chance at life by local rescue groups, and eventually found their forever home at Neko Cafe Time.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

This purr-filled little establishment regularly takes in new feline staff members.

The newest "employees" are two red and white brothers rescued from the streets and nursed back to health.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

"Bob the store manager, for sure told them properly how to behave in their community!" Neko Cafe Time says.

Sometimes Bob the black and white cat has to share his title with another cat.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

"Bob is the oldest cat in our group, so he became the 'Store Manager'. He always wears a bowtie and walk around with a serious face. Actually, he is very kind and likes it when people scratch his nose."

He doesn't mind sharing at all.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

Bob loves his feline staff, especially Mikan the calico.

"They often call for each other or stay close and watch together out of the window."

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

When it's time for food, they all have their own dining spot.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

The rescue kitties love to offer a helping paw whenever they can.

It's hard not to smile with these adorable little kitties around.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

Rai is in charge of all the doors at the cafe. He can open and close them like a pro.

If any human wants access to the special room, they must first ask Rai for purrmission!

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

The kitties are happy and very friendly.

They are so grateful to have a comfortable place to call their own, and the companionship with their human admirers, who play with them and spoil them with treats and cuddles.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

Two years ago, Bob the cat began managing the little cafe. Now they have welcomed many new feline staff.

It's one big happy family.

Photo: Neko Cafe Time

Watch these kitties in this cute video:

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