Store Cat Absolutely Loves Guinea Pigs in these Adorable Photos


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This store cat is very nurturing to other animals. Whenever she's at the store, she demands to cuddle and groom the guinea pigs as if she's their mother.

Courtesy: @pixelthesamoyed

Her name is Nala. This store cat belongs to one of the employees at a pet supply store. She comes in sometimes to help her humans supurrvise the place. But the tortie gal loves nothing more than her unlikely friends, the guinea pigs.

"She was snuggling and grooming them and was mighty annoyed that the one on the end had so many cowlicks she couldn't get his fur to lay flat," Amber (@pixelthesamoyed), a customer, told Love Meow. "Office cats are the best."

Nala the tortie cat keeps her babies company all day.

Courtesy: @pixelthesamoyed

Protective Nala looks around to make sure no one will disturb her babies while they nap.

Courtesy: @pixelthesamoyed

She gets in her mother mode and takes her role very seriously.

Courtesy: @pixelthesamoyed

The ginuess pigs love her too. They climb on her as she cuddles with them in her arms.

"I shall call you Squishy, and you shall be mine."

Courtesy: @pixelthesamoyed

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