Inseparable Furiends, Edgar and Agatha

Inseparable Furiends, Edgar and Agatha


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Edgar and Agatha are tiny but powerful purr machines. The two kitties are inseparable like two peas in a pod. They can't stand to be out of eye-shot of each other.

Edgar and Agatha grew up with a rabbit named Macy who is about the same size as them but very laid back. The little mischief makers often sneak into Macy's cage for a nap, but Macy doesn't seem to mind having them around. Sometimes they like to switch up napping spots from Macy's little house to their humans' laptop.

Edgar and Agatha are very friendly to people. "Each time I have guests sleeping-over, Agatha will make a point of sleeping with them," said Virginie.

Photos courtesy of Virginie.


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