Japanese Business Cat

Japanese Business Cat


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We know Japan is perhaps the most cat loving and admiring country on earth. They have the first corporate executive cat, Tama, the bekoning kitty, Maneki Neko, cat cafes, Hello Kitty and virtually anything you can think of, they have it in cats, even advertising a hotel.

The Yakumo Hotel decided to feature a cat dressed in business attire traveling place to place, working hard, making profits and finally always getting himself recharged at the comfortable Yakumo hotel.

Cats need plenty of rest each day. If a hotel can provide the type of comfort that has earned approval from cats, in many people's mind (especially the Japanese), the hotel must be a good one.

Perhaps the commercial got its inspiration from their world's first corporate executive cat, Tama.

Click play to enjoy this commercial:


I'm Nyaran. Today, I'm on a business trip. (while looking at computer) I can sell this! (text on slide: Nyaran paw cakes). We also do business trip reservations!.

Image via flickr: Sham Hardy

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