Kenmore Kat the Train Station Cat Mascot

Kenmore Kat the Train Station Cat Mascot


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Flickr: Mark Wales

In Japan, they have the "Super Station Master" a well known train cat that has won millions of Japanese people's heart. In Boston, a cat named Kenmore Kat became a legendary feline at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Green Line train.

Kenmore Kat first appeared lounging by the rails. When a train came by, he would run away. After becoming a regular visitor to the train station, Kenmore Kat soon mastered the train schedule by heart.

At the beginning, it was not easy for riders to catch a glance of this famous cat. As more people came to care for the cat, Kenmore Kat grew more and more comfortable every day with the crowd.

"Now we have a new mascot to make our day just that much brighter: a chubby, bushy-tailed furball by the name of Kenmore Kat." said Ashley Rigazio from the Boston Phoenix.

The little train mascot lived in the station for about seven to eight months. He made the station his regular play ground and lounge room, stepping on the rails, catching small critters or relaxing on the platform in between train arrivals.  However, the MBTA employees became concerned about the little one's safety so decided to use food and water to try to capture the kitty, but many failed. Kenmore Kat managed to elude the capture for several months until one day an employee  finally caught him.

Kenmore Kat has been adopted by the trolley operator Karen Ingraham. According to Ingraham, the cat will not be returning to the rails any time soon.

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