Kitten Brothers Found Huddled Up in Shed - Their Cuddles Keep Them Alive

Kitten Brothers Found Huddled Up in Shed - Their Cuddles Keep Them Alive


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Two tiny kittens were found huddled up to each other in a shed for warmth and comfort.

The family was surprised when they discovered the squeaky little furballs in their locked shed so quickly took them in and started nursing them back to health.


The kittens were just 23 ounces in total, the tiniest things they'd seen. The tabby babies survived without food and care from their mother. Their bodies were cold when found, but having each other had kept them alive.

"Mother Cat was nowhere to be found and hadn't been seen before," reddit user redditin_at_work told Love Meow.

They cleaned them up and kept them fed. There wasn't a moment that they weren't cuddling. It was as if they were rooting for each other to stay strong.

"There's no way these two are getting split up."


The family named them Rick and Morty and is fostering them until they are big enough for their forever home.

The two brothers share an incredibly close bond where they cry for each other's company if they aren't together.


They comfort each other with cuddles and more cuddles.


Rick and Morty are now thriving in their foster home.

They are loving their warm beds, plenty of good food and all the lovin' they can get from their caregivers. But most of all, they are so happy that they have each other to share their new life with.


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