Kitten with Cleft Lip Hugs Everything He Sleeps on After He Finds Loving Home


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When this kitten came to his forever home, they quickly discovered his love for hugging everything he sleeps on.

His name is Hayko and he was born quite special.


Nilüfer from Turkey saw a plea online about a special-needs kitten looking for a home. She fell in love with his unique look and immediately offered to adopt him. The kitten, Hayko, was born with a cleft lip and a crooked jaw.

He has an adorable wonky eye and a lot of cattitude. Despite his facial deformities, Hayko doesn't think he is any different. "I took him home and he quickly got along with my other cat," Nilüfer told Love Meow.

"Every night, he needs a big hug before he sleeps."


Hayko has an endearing quirk. When he naps, he hugs whatever he sleeps on, whether it be a couch, bed, chair, arm rest or his human mom.

"He loves sleeping like this, and does it every day and night."


Arm rests are some of his favorite napping places as they have the perfect shape for a full-body bear hug.

When Hayko is ready to turn in, he sprawls out his legs and hugs his "bed" to sleep.


He loves this napping spot very much.


Hayko likes to stay close to his human mom.

When she's on the couch, he will grab the edge of the couch and wrap his arms around it before drifting off.


Nap time means cuddle time.

When bonding with Mom, he never lacks hugs and snuggles. Hayko makes sure that his human gets her daily kitty fix with his signature hug.


Hayko stretches out his legs to embrace as much of the bed as possible to get ready for a nap.


He is four months old now and hasn't stopped hugging since he moved in.


When he is not busy giving hugs, his brother from another mother comes over and latches onto him for cuddles.


Hugging while sleeping gives him a sense of comfort and support. It is the best way to nap according to Hayko.


Movie time with Mom... Cuddles are always mandatory.


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