Kitten Found with Eyes Crusted Shut Gets Help to See Again

Kitten Found with Eyes Crusted Shut Gets Help to See Again


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A little kitten was found with her eyes crusted shut, barely hanging on.

"This baby likely would have died if left alone outside, and we're so glad she's here," Will of Flatbush Cats said.

Flatbush Cats

Two weeks ago, a neighbor from Brooklyn, New York found a tiny kitten with a bloody nose and crusty eyes on the streets, in desperate need of medical attention.

They brought the little one to Flatbush Cats, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) cat rescue. "She was terribly skinny and would require feedings around the clock to get her weight up," Will said.

"She had a nasty upper respiratory infection which was causing the congestion, sneezing and red, infected eyes that wanted to stay shut."

The kitten couldn't open her eyes to see when she first arrived.

Flatbush Cats

They began treating her eyes with an antibiotic ointment and cleaning off all the filth and dirt off her coat. "She was stable, eating small meals of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and baby food," Will added.

The kitten purred up a storm while getting a hug from her caretaker.

Flatbush Cats

She finally opened her eyes after a few rounds of warm compresses and antibiotic ointment. The nose bleeding also stopped.

"The heavy congestion had inhibited her sense of smell which lowered the appetite, so we had been syringe feeding throughout the day as necessary."

Flatbush Cats

They mixed baby food with a little KMR to encourage her to eat. The next morning, she started nibbling on wet food and getting her appetite back.

"That was huge, because while baby food is great as a treat or appetite stimulant, kittens need the nutrients provided in wet food - especially when they are underweight like this one."

Flatbush Cats

They named her Shuri. "Her name means 'village' because that's what it takes to get one of these babies from the streets to a loving forever home."

Will continued to search for other kittens in the area where Shuri was found, but couldn't find any. He spotted another cat colony which he and his team would be working to spay and neuter the cats there.

Flatbush Cats

"Shuri is our tiniest black panther princess. Her eyes are open, appetite is good, and she's receiving treatment for intestinal parasites (extremely common for rescue kittens)."

The little kitten wouldn't have survived if she was left alone outside.

But look at her now! "Our littlest Shuri is enjoying comfy laps, soft blankets and lots of snuggles."

Flatbush Cats

After the rescue...

What a difference two weeks make!

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