Kitten Found Next to Her Frozen Brother Survives Bitter Cold, 5 Weeks After the Rescue...


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A blind kitten was found stuck to her little brother in the freezing cold weather. Her brother didn't make it, but she was still alive.

Meet Manga the little survivor!

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Little Manga had a sad beginning to life when she was spotted next to her frozen brother without a mother in sight.

"She was found outside during winter almost died at five weeks. She was a little stray," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal told Love Meow.

The tiny orphaned baby was emaciated, sick and dehydrated. Her eyes were crusted shut due to an infection.

When she was taken to the clinic, they cleaned and treated her eyes but she had lost her vision. "She is blind, and her eyes do not react to light."

Despite her blindness, Manga loves life and cuddles.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Chaton Orphelins Montreal took the kitten into their care so she could have a second chance at life.

"When she arrived, she adapted to her new life at her foster home very well," Celine told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

The kitty has figured out how to navigate the house without needing the ability to see. She knows where to go, which direction to take by the sound she hears and can play with toys just like any other kitty.

"Manga is strong and keeps surprising us every day with what she can do," Celine told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

"Now she can jump from the sofa without problem."

Manga had her first Christmas and got a variety of different toys. "She loved playing with the ball toys that make sounds when they move."

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Little Manga's blindness doesn't limit her at all. She has an incredible sense of smell and amazing hearing. "We see that she try to use her nose to 'see'."

The little kitty survived the bitter cold, and now at 10 weeks, she is thriving and can't wait for her forever loving home.

Courtesy: Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Nothing can slow her down. Little Manga loves playing with her toys.

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