Kitten Found in Garage Fears for His Life Until They Show Him Love


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A tiny kitten was fearing for his life when they found him in a garage, but a bit of love and kindness turned him around.

Photo: gwarrambo

"A friend's father found this little guy abandoned and tangled in an old tarp in a garage," imgur user gwarrambo said. "He was between 3 and 4 weeks old at the time, and not friendly at all."

The kitten was so frightened that he cowered in the corner and would hiss if anyone tried to get near. "He was terrified of us and constantly hissed and spat at me and my husband."

The kitten was trying everything he could to take refuge.

Photo: gwarrambo

"He eats like he may never see food again, hisses when he gets scared."

The kitten cried in the middle of the night, so they stayed in the room and slept on the floor with him for the first few days.

Photo: gwarrambo

"Over the course of a few days, he started to warm up to me a little."

The kitty let his human mom pet him for the first time. It was then they knew he was going to be all right.

Photo: gwarrambo

They gave him a warm bed.

The kitten hopped in and loved the comfort of the blanket, something he never felt before.

Photo: gwarrambo

The kitty was still very scared, but slowly came out of his shell day by day.

"He was still afraid of us, but we could coax him out of hiding with toys and food."

Photo: gwarrambo

They named him Hank!

After a week or so, the little feline was ready to explore the entire house. He came out from hiding and met their other cats for the first time. "He still was a little skittish but socializing him with our other cats seemed to help."

Photo: gwarrambo

"It took him over a month to purr. The first time, he was 'building a nest' with this blanket and his purr box turned on."

He loves his blanket.

Photo: gwarrambo

He bonded with one of their cats.

"Our house panther, Inigo Montoya. These two have been inseparable since they met."

Photo: gwarrambo

"Our little feral kitty turned happy house cat," they said.

"He is four to five months old now. He still has some feral habits but, all in all, he is turning out to be a very loving cat!"

Photo: gwarrambo

What love can do! Share this story with your friends. More info at imgur.

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