Kitten So Happy to Find Kind Family After She Was Spotted in a Barn

Kitten So Happy to Find Kind Family After She Was Spotted in a Barn


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A family took in a tiny barn kitten who was rejected by her mom and helped her thrive.

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A Good Samaritan named Jami discovered a litter of kittens at her horse barn in Northeast Phoenix, Arizona. She found the mom and tried to get her to nurse the babies, but the cat showed no interest in caring for her kittens. Sadly, all but one kitten passed away. The remaining singleton refused to give up and kept crying for help.

Knowing the little one needed to be bottle-fed around the clock, Jami immediately reached out to Jin's Bottle Babies, a local rescue, for help. "She wasn't sure if the kitten, Demi, was going to make it," Melissa, a foster volunteer of Jin's Bottle Babies, told Love Meow.

"Jami drove an hour to my house where I took over Demi's care."

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The little tuxedo was about 6-7 days old when she arrived. She was a bit scruffy and very hungry. After scarfing down a full meal of kitten formula, she was very content and snuggled right up to her new plush toy before purring herself to sleep.

"Her first day in foster care went better than I thought it would. Demi loved her purple plush toy that purrs when you press the button," Melissa said.

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In just two days, the tiny ball of fur was putting on weight and gaining strength. Her little body really filled out, and her eyes were clear and bright. The kitten glued to her foster family and insisted on being with her humans whenever possible.

"Demi's personality is a cat lover's dream. She wants to be with her people all the time," Melissa shared with Love Meow.

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"She is constantly climbing out of her room to sleep on the clothes in my closet," Melissa added.

Despite having a selection of cat beds within reach, the kitten opts for anything that reminds her of her humans. Demi, the little mischief-maker, has a habit of sneaking out of her play pen to seek attention from her foster family.

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Every time she finds an empty lap in the house, she will crawl right in to claim the spot. She likes to nuzzle into their arms or cuddle under their blanket with them when she needs to nap.

"She loves to sit in her humans' lap. She can be vocal and can carry on a conversation," Melissa told Love Meow.

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As a singleton, Demi is very small for her age. She has a voracious appetite for such a petite body. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.

Watch Demi the kitten in this cute video:

Demi the

The tuxedo girl still has a lot of growing to do and many feline skills to hone. Whenever she hears her name called she will come running.

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The little love-bug follows her humans everywhere around the house like a tiny shadow. Nothing makes her happier than being with her people and getting some pets and lovin'.

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After a rough start to life, little Demi is thriving in foster care and getting more playful and rambunctious each day.

She can't wait to grow big and strong and find a place of her very own.

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