Man Spots Lone Kitten Huddled Among Fallen Leaves and Stops to Help, So the Young Cat Can Have Better Life

Man Spots Lone Kitten Huddled Among Fallen Leaves and Stops to Help, So the Young Cat Can Have Better Life


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A man spotted a lone kitten huddled among fallen leaves and stopped to help, so the young cat could have a better life.

sweet kitten blanketsRichard the kittenCeline

Bruce, an employee at a park in Montreal, was caught off guard when he encountered a tiny ball of fur pleading for help with his crusty eyes.

He saw the lone kitten huddled among a scattering of fallen foliage, trying to seek warmth and solace. The weather was freezing, and the air was biting. Bruce looked around for a mother cat and other littermates, but there was no sign of them.

He scooped up the kitten, warmed him in his arms, and rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic for help.

crusty eyed kittenHe was found alone in a park by a workerCeline

The kitten, named Richard, was estimated to be four weeks old, had an upper respiratory infection and some bald spots on his back leg due to ringworm.

He was immediately treated for his cold and given some much-needed nourishment.

kitten crusty eyesCeline

Despite being sickly and barely able to open his eyes, the kitten cried for attention, using all the strength he could muster.

Richard needed a dedicated carer to continue his treatment and ensure that he was kept warm and fed adequately around the clock. The staff at the clinic reached out to their local animal rescue, hoping to give the kitten a fighting chance.

sweet kitten rescueSweet Richard wanted attentionCeline

Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal didn't hesitate to offer placement for little Richard. She took him in and got right to work.

"We began bottle-feeding him, giving him strength and nourishment to heal from his cold. He would need continuous treatment for ringworm which would take about five weeks to complete," Celine shared.

sweet kitten meowingCeline

Richard struggled with the bottle initially but didn't let that discourage him. "He held onto it with all his might because he wanted to live. This little guy is such a fighter."

His foster mom carefully wiped away the gunk from his eyes and then gave him a warm, soothing bath.

kitten bath sweetHe got a much-needed bathCeline

Swaddled in a soft and comfy towel, Richard started to purr as he felt a sense of contentment washing over him.

The brave kitten took everything in stride. After just a few days in foster care, his eyes cleared up and his breathing improved noticeably.

kitten purrito towelHis eyes cleared up and he could breathe a lot betterCeline

With attentive care from his foster family, he could now gaze upon the world with newfound curiosity. His once-drab coat also became soft and gleaming.

As his strength returned, so did his playful spirit. His personality started to emerge.

sweet kitten tongueRichard cozied up in a warm blanketCeline

Richard tags along with his foster mom in a carrier to keep up with his demanding feeding schedule.

"He was so lucky to have been found outside when he was alone and sick. He wouldn't have survived another night in such cold temperatures."

kitten sweet carrierHe follows his foster mom everywhere in a carrierCeline

With the help of the gentleman, a veterinary team and volunteers, Richard has gained a new lease on life.

His appetite grows heartier each day, his meals devoured with gusto. His once sluggish movements are replaced by a wriggly, playful vigor.

sweet kitten warm cozyHe gets bottle fed around the clockCeline

Once he's completely recovered, he will be introduced to other friendly cats in the house, where they will show him the ropes and teach him the art of feline etiquette.

sweet kitten blanketHe's transformed into a happy, curious kittyCeline

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