Kitten Missing a Leg Shows Everyone What He Can Do with the Help of Kind Family

Kitten Missing a Leg Shows Everyone What He Can Do with the Help of Kind Family


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A brave kitten with three legs is determined to do anything just like other cats, with the help of a kind family.

tripod kitten, 3-legged catJD the 3 legged kittenCaroline Grace

A 3-week-old tabby kitten was found abandoned outside along with his siblings. A Good Samaritan took them in and tried to care for them, but soon realized that she wasn't equipped to provide the specialized care they needed.

"She contacted Saving One Life who asked if I would take them in," Caroline Grace, a foster volunteer of the rescue, told Love Meow. "Upon entrance exams of the kittens, I noticed that JD (the tabby) had a missing front leg and a twisted back leg."

The tabby had difficulty walking due to his back left foot being curled under. Despite all the challenges, he was a happy little boy who tried his hardest to keep up with his siblings.

JD and his siblingsCaroline Grace

Caroline was determined to give him the best chance to walk and play like any other kitten, despite being told by the vet that there was nothing they could do.

"I had seen stories of twisted limbs being straightened out before, so I knew there was something we could at least try. I put out a plea in the Saving One Life foster network to anyone who had experience with twisted limbs to educate me on the treatment they used."

Caroline Grace

A fellow fosterer, Evette, shared her experience of working with a kitten with twisted legs, using the physical therapy massage technique. "She showed me photos of the kitten's progress. I felt hopeful and empowered to help JD."

Caroline began massaging the kitten's leg every three hours at feeding time. After a few days, the twisted foot started to soften and became more mobile.

Caroline Grace

Hoping to further improve JD's range of motion, Caroline received help from another fosterer. Jennifer, a Physical Therapist, showed her some splinting techniques and how to encourage JD to use his leg correctly with slings and other methods.

"I put yoga mats down in his room to give him more traction. Within a week, he started walking correctly on his back leg. It was honestly one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences," Caroline told Love Meow.

kitten splinting technique, twisted legHe was able to move his leg and started to walkCaroline Grace

With his new-found ability to walk, JD was adamant about doing everything just like his siblings. He even tried to out-pace and out-wrestle them. As soon as he put his three paws on the floor, he was ready to play, run and jump.

When the tabby turned five weeks old, he found himself a human admirer, Andrea, who fell head over heels for the little guy.

tripod kittenCaroline Grace

Andrea had a tripod cat who is also missing a front leg. She knew just the perfect home for JD.

Watch JD the kitten and his journey in this cute video:

Tripod kitten foster

When the tabby boy was two months old and ready to spread his wings and fly, he happily went to his forever home with Andrea. He quickly adapted to the new environment and immediately started playing.

happy tripod kittenCaroline Grace

When JD was introduced to his new feline sisters, he and Thelma the tripod cat hit it off as if they had always been family.

"They bonded first over their missing front left legs. It was the sweetest thing to see her take him under her wing and start grooming him soon after meeting," Andrea shared with Love Meow.

He now lives the happiest life with his loving familyCaroline Grace

"While it took a little while for Louise (the other resident cat) to warm up to him, she eventually did and we catch them cuddling every once in awhile. JD is the classic 'little brother' and is always causing mischief and bugging his big sisters. He's also a huge cuddle bug and likes to follow his mom everywhere she goes."

Caroline Grace

"JD now lives the happiest life and has no issues with his back leg that was once twisted. He is an active and playful cat who loves running around, jumping, climbing and playing," Caroline told Love Meow.

JD cuddling with his feline sistersCaroline Grace

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