Runty Kitten Brought Back from the Brink After He Was Found Outside in Carrier Along with His Cat Family


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A cat was spotted inside a small carrier that had been left at the front entrance of a cat sanctuary in Parlier, California. As staff gently took the kitty out of the carrier, they were shocked to find three tiny bundles of fur right behind her.

the Cat House on the Kings

Brittany Lyle, a staff member of The Cat House on the Kings (cat rescue and sanctuary), went to her car one morning two weeks ago and noticed a tiny blue carrier against the fence line near the main entrance.

She went to investigate and saw a cat and brought the carrier inside. "With the help of another employee, they carefully pulled the cat out to discover three kittens along her side," Karla of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow.

The kittens were two weeks old and in need of medical attention. "They are all under the weather. The runt is a fighter and Lynea Lattanzio (Executive Director of the Cat House on the Kings) suggested naming him after a prize fighter, Sugar Ray."

the Cat House on the Kings

"He survived his first night, and Lynea has been tube feeding him and working really hard on saving his little life," Karla added.

After a couple of weeks of round-the-clock care, hourly feedings and many sleepless nights, the tiny kitten bounced back with weight gain and new-found energy.

the Cat House on the Kings

The little warrior kitty is holding his own and receiving all the love and care from everyone at the Cat House on the Kings. The rescue is determined to get these deserving kitties a chance at a better life.

No one knows how they ended up being abandoned but the staff members at the Cat House on the Kings are working tirelessly on nursing the kitties back to health and finding them their forever loving homes.

the Cat House on the Kings

The mama cat has retired from motherhood and is glad to be pampered by the staff there. The kittens are eating wet food on their own and have dedicated caretakers who cater to their every need.

"Sugar Ray is still about 1/3 the size of his brother, but he's hanging in there and Lynea and staff are doing everything they can to keep this little fighter going."

the Cat House on the Kings

The amazing little fighter continues to surprise his caretakers with his incredible will to live.

His eyes are clearing up and he is getting bigger and stronger every day!

the Cat House on the Kings

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