Runty Kitten Found Barely Hanging On, Got Second Chance and Grew To Be Gorgeous Cat.

Runty Kitten Found Barely Hanging On, Got Second Chance and Grew To Be Gorgeous Cat.


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A feline family of six came to a local animal shelter, in need of a lot of help.

The tiniest baby from the litter couldn't eat and was getting weaker and thinner by the day until a woman came to her rescue and turned her life around.

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Hannah Shaw, an avid kitten rescuer of Kitten Lady, was contacted about a cat mother and her five kittens that needed an experienced carer to help them. Hannah normally takes in orphaned kittens, but she couldn't say no, especially after knowing that the runt of the litter couldn't feed.

She went to Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington D.C.. While she was there, she was shocked to discover just how emaciated and underweight the little runt was. Her name is Small Fry and she only weighed about 170 grams at three weeks old (the size of an one-week-old kitten).

The tiny ball of fur had a severe upper respiratory infection that prevented her from being able to nurse. Not only did she have to be hand-reared, but also she required supplemental care and medication to help her survive.

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

"Small Fry was drastically smaller than her siblings…. She was really thin. I could feel her every rib," Hannah shared with Love Meow.

The bravest little quarter pounder snuggled up to Hannah when she held her in her arms.

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

After a trip to the vet, she was diagnosed with a list of ailments: URI, anemia, and a heart murmur.

Her belly was filled with air from gasping and she had a difficult road ahead of her, but Hannah was determined to get her back on her paws.

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Round-the-clock care began - Hannah tube fed the fragile little kitten and provided her supplements and three medications. It was a labor of love. The little fighter was kept warm and hydrated throughout the day and night.

"Between all of the medications, supplements, the nursing care and the tube-feeding, she started to feel a little better. Four days into this care I noticed something incredible. She was starting to try to nurse!"

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

"This was an absolute game changer. It meant that she was feeling well enough to breathe and want to eat. She was able to get all the great nutrients from her mother's milk," Hannah said.

Seven days later, she was almost unrecognizable, doubled in weight, not a small fry any more. "Throughout all of this, she remained sweet and loving - tiny, but mighty."

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Small Fry bonded with her sister Poutine, her ride or die.

When they were ready for adoption, Hannah found them a loving home where they would be together forever.

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

"It isn't easy to say goodbye to a foster kitten, but it's a celebration when you've found them a loving home," Hannah said. "There's nothing more rewarding than giving a tiny kitten a chance at a full life."

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

Small Fry and Poutine is having the time of their life at their forever home!

"(This picture is) a pretty accurate representation of these two crazy potatoes," human parents shared on Instagram.

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

The two sisters are always cuddling!

"I woke up to find them like this in the bathroom - their love for each other is unreal. Forget bear hugs - kitten hugs are where it's at."

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

No cardboard boxes are safe in the house!

"The wild Small Fry in her natural habitat has slain her prey, a cardboard box. She is a ferocious hunter, killing several boxes each week primarily for pleasure."

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

"We're so thankful to have these two fluffy nerds in our life, and for the amazing community of cat lovers and animal advocates that came with them," their humans said.

"Hard to believe these goofy kittens are now one year old!"

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

"This is a great testament to what is possible when we just try to protect those who were the most vulnerable, and we don't give up on them just because they are small or sick," Hannah said.

"Small Fry and others like her are worth it!"

Small Fry and Poutine @smallfryandpoutine

Small Fry then...

Small Fry and Poutine meow!

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