Runty Kitten Born and Abandoned in a Car, Finds Someone to Love and Snuggle

Runty Kitten Born and Abandoned in a Car, Finds Someone to Love and Snuggle


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Fiji, a tiny tuxedo kitten, along with her two siblings were found abandoned after they were born inside someone's car.

The cat mother never returned for them, but several Good Samaritans came to their rescue.

Stephanie Spencer

A little over a month ago, Stephanie Spencer and two other foster carers learned about the plight of the three kittens and offered to help.

"They were born inside someone's car. The mother got in and delivered through an open window. She was not found again. I have fostered newborns so I along with two others took the kittens," Stephanie told Love Meow.

At one day old, the kittens were vulnerable without a mother's milk. Stephanie started the little one on a kitten milk replacer and fed her with a syringe (instead of a bottle since she was so small) every couple of hours.

"Fiji was the runt but a fighter from the beginning."

Stephanie Spencer

She was very hungry and smaller than the palm of her foster mom's hand, but the little kitten had amazing resolve to survive and thrive.

Despite being the tiniest one, Fiji had a big appetite and was quickly packing on weight and gaining strength. She would snuggle up to her human after every feeding and fall asleep in their arms or on their chest.

Stephanie Spencer

The tiny snugglebug loved nothing more than being with her foster parents.

Before they knew it, the little girl had crept her way into their hearts. "She purrs like a big cat and has become a member of my family. She is the sweetest," Stephanie said.

At 17 days old, Fiji stretched her little legs to learn to walk and explore. She was still tiny but never let anything slow her down.

Stephanie Spencer

Fiji purrs up a storm every time she cuddles with her humans, feeling happy and loved.

Snuggle time with her human dad.

Stephanie Spencer

Despite their best efforts, one of Fiji's siblings didn't make it but her sister, Donut, pulled through and found her forever home with another family that had cared for her.

Fiji now has a home and four new furry siblings (one cat and three dogs) to play with. She may be the smallest but the bravest in the family.

Stephanie Spencer

She follows Stephanie and her husband around the house and is not afraid of car rides. If she finds a lap to sit on, she will drift off to a nap.

Fiji fell asleep in her human's lap while they were on the road.

Stephanie Spencer

At one month old, the little girl had grown by leaps and bounds. She learned to run and play, making all sorts of mischief around the house.

"She is growing big and learning new things every day - She has figured out how to climb the couch."

Stephanie Spencer

Whenever the kitten finds an empty lap or open arms, she will curl up in them as they are her favorite nap spots.

Little Fiji found love and wouldn't let go.

Stephanie Spencer

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