Kitten with Sweetest Face Taken in by Perfect Family After Being Found in a Field

Kitten with Sweetest Face Taken in by Perfect Family After Being Found in a Field


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A kitten who was left behind in a field, found the perfect family to help her.

cute, kitten, panther kittyJin's Bottle Babies

Late last month, Jin's Bottle Babies, a rescue group in Phoenix, Arizona, was contacted about a little one day-old kitten who had been left behind by her cat mom.

"She was found in a field alone and super dirty. She wasn't very responsive or active so the people who found her, took her in," Shelbi Uyehara, founder of the rescue, told Love Meow.

The Good Samaritans brought the kitten back from the brink, but she was still in need of specialized care. Shelbi and her husband took her into their care the next day. "It was love at first sight. She was such a purr-body, even at two days old."

cute, kitten, babyJin's Bottle Babies

The kitten who was found covered in dust and dry leaves, got all cleaned up. She was given a warm bed in a cozy incubator that would help regulate her body temperature.

They named her Ramona, and she immediately fell asleep, wrapped in a purrito.

cute, kitten, purritoJin's Bottle Babies

While Shelbi was caring for the little ball of fur, the kind people went back to find her cat mother. They hoped to have her spayed and put a stop to the cycle.

A few days later, the kitten's eyes started to crack open. Once she gained her vision, she became more active and vocal, and would seek affection whenever she got a chance.

cute, kitten, pawsJin's Bottle Babies

At that age, her ears were floppy and her walk was wobbly, but her purr motor was strong. Each time, Shelbi came in with food, the little panther kitty meowed eagerly until her demands were fulfilled.

After getting a full belly, she would roll on her back for rubs and drift off in a blissful food coma.

cute, kitten, panther kittyJin's Bottle Babies

To help the little singleton thrive, Shelbi decided to place her with three other kittens that had been found in a parking lot outside of her local Humane Society.

As soon as they were introduced, Ramona crawled her way to the litter of gray kittens and nuzzled into the fur pile.

cute, kittens, cuddlesJin's Bottle Babies

The big kittens took to her right away and started cuddling, as if they had always been litter-mates. Ramona fit in beautifully with her new siblings and revved up her purr machine alongside them.

Despite being a little smaller and still trying to figure out how to play, the panther kitty feels right at home being in the clowder. She will cry if she is taken away from her buddies for just a few minutes.

cute, kitten, meow, roarJin's Bottle Babies

"She screamed until we put her back with her foster siblings. She crawled right into the middle of the pile, rolled on her back and started purring," Shelbi shared with Love Meow.

"Ramona has the best personality and is so sweet. She is always kneading and purring."

cute, kittens, cuddlesJin's Bottle Babies

The sweet girl is a love-bug and adores everyone she meets. Her little paws will start kneading the tiniest biscuits as a display of her joy and affection.

"She kneads everything all of the time," Shelbi said. "She kneads when she eats and sleeps, and she kneads the air when you pick her up. She is probably kneading something and purring right now."

cute, kitten, panther kitty, eyesJin's Bottle Babies

At three weeks old, Ramona's ears started to perk up as her earring continued to develop.

Soon, she will be running and hopping around her playpen, wrestling with other kittens and creating all sorts of mischief.

cute, kitten, floppy ear

Ramona likes to watch her foster family with those intensely cute eyes, purring and kneading away, stealing everyone's heart.

cute, kitten, panther kittyJin's Bottle Babies

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Look at that belly!

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