Kitten Walks Up to Woman Who Found Her on the Road, and Insists on Staying by Her Side

Kitten Walks Up to Woman Who Found Her on the Road, and Insists on Staying by Her Side


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A stray kitten walked right up to the woman who found her on the road, and wouldn't leave her side.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Last week, Brittany, a volunteer of Sparkle Cat Rescue (an all-volunteer rescue in North Carolina), was on her way to assist with a virtual meet-and-greet for one of their rescued cats. While she was driving, she saw something bolt out from the woods and flash across the road in front of her.

"I was certain it was a squirrel at first but after I passed it, I saw in my mirror that it ran to a tree and stopped," Brittany told Love Meow. "I turned around immediately to go check it out."

She could hear the cries as she approached the little ball of fur. When she got a closer look, she saw a tiny gray kitten all by herself, lying in the grass near the tree.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Brittany checked with the nearby residence to see if anyone was missing a kitten. "The homeowner said she hadn't seen the kitten before, and there were some strays in the woods. I told her I'd try to get the kitten to safety and she offered me a towel."

The little stray didn't run away and just kept meowing. As soon as Brittany squatted down to her level, the kitten got up and walked right up to her, as if she was ready to be taken somewhere safe.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

"I picked her up and wrapped her tightly in the towel so we could get down the road. She rode comfy the whole way," Brittany shared with Love Meow.

The kitten named Bubbles was just skin and bones and desperately needed a bath. They don't know exactly how she ended up on the road, but one thing is sure — Bubbles is safe and will never have to spend another day wandering the streets.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

"She had a bath and some food, and the baby had a whole lot to talk about. It almost seemed like she was losing her voice because she'd been crying for so long."

Bubbles was very malnourished and had to be fed small amounts throughout the day to ensure that she didn't get sick. Despite the ordeal, the kitten was in good spirits and constantly tried to seek affection.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

After every feeding, Bubbles will curl up in Brittany's lap or snuggle next to the resident dog, all the while rumbling with her adorable purrs. She gives the cutest and the most irresistible silent meows when she demands attention.

Watch Bubbles' journey in this video:

Bubbles the kitten - rescue

"Bubbles wants nothing more than a snuggle buddy. She will play but she really wants to be in a lap," Brittany told Love Meow.

"She wants love all the time. She's quite the cuddle-bug."

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The little former stray has really blossomed in just a few days.

She continues to eat to her heart's content at mealtime, and is not shy of asking for cuddles. Bubbles insists on staying close to her rescuer, now foster mom, as she doesn't want to be alone again.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The sweet kitty is getting more playful and energetic now that she's gotten back on her paws. She loves to play but wants cuddles even more.

She is happy to have many soft things to knead on, good food to eat, a friend to cuddle with and a comfy bed where she can sleep soundly at night.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Bubbles is loving her new life as an indoor cat and fills her room with constant purrs.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

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