Wobbly Kitten Outlives Everyone's Expectations and Grows Up to Be the Happiest Cat

Wobbly Kitten Outlives Everyone's Expectations and Grows Up to Be the Happiest Cat


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No one expected this little tortie kitten to survive, but she surprised them all with her incredible will to live.


Tara Seignue, a volunteer of Hamilton/Burlington SPCA brought home a feline family of three (a cat mom and two kittens) to foster. The kittens were in poor shape with respiratory and eye infections.

"Mira (the tortie) came to me as a foster at four weeks old with her mom and sister. I could see she was special from the start. She had twisty folded front paws and a prominent upward grin," Tara told Love Meow.

"The kittens were very sick and not expected to live. I was basically asked to bring them home so they could pass in comfort instead of a cage. After two days, her sister passed and it was just her and her mom."


Tara had to syringe feed the kitten who was too weak to nurse. After two months of round-the-clock feedings, daily steam baths to clear her nose and airway, and countless sleepless nights, the kitten began to perk up.

Mira went through many health issues and needed her foster mom's undivided attention. The little fighter never gave up.


"I gave her steam baths and showers to try and help her breathe and stayed with her every night, with her sleeping on my chest. A couple times Mira stopped breathing but I got her back," Tara said.

"When she started trying to walk, it was apparent she was wobbly. She was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia."

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Being a bit clumsy never seems to bother her. Mira loves to play, throwing herself into her favorite tunnel toy and claiming every cat bed she can get her paws on.

"She loves tunnels, cat caves or houses. Anything she can throw herself into and roll around in."


"She's never been a 'normal' cat but had all of her 'first' cat moments — her first purr, first steps, first time eating on her own and self grooming. These milestones may have been delayed but she reached them, and each one truly was a miracle, hence her name," Tara told Love Meow.

With each passing day, the little miracle kitty crept her way into her foster mom's heart.


By Christmas, Mira started to gain weight and was finally healthy enough to be spayed and look for her forever home, but the tortie girl knew she had already found it.

Tara picked her up that day with her adoption paper already filled out, officially making Mira part of her family. "It was the happiest day. I actually cried."


Mira may always need some special accommodations but she is just a typical cat who loves to play and create antics around the house.

Watch Mira's journey in this video:

Wobbly kitten grows up to be happiest catyoutu.be

"She has a signature move she started as a baby which seems to have stuck with her — she sticks her tongue out, almost all the time! There's no medical reason. It's just a quirk."


"She is the most facially expressive cat I've ever seen/known in my life. She is like a child," Tara said. "Mira loves being with me. The only time she really meows is if I leave her in a separate room for a few minutes!"

The sweet tortie adores other cats and her dog brother Paco who has been her protector since day one. "She also loves to play with other foster kittens although in small doses as they definitely give her a run for her money."


"We continue to work on her walking, practicing every day. She never gives up. She'll get where she wants to go, just flips and flops, taking a little longer to get there. Nothing will keep this girl down," Tara told Love Meow.

"I've seen stories of animal survival but never known or seen it first hand until her. Her perseverance and determination are a wonder. She really is an inspiration. She is the most unique, quirky cat I've ever known."


"Mira is the happiest and most spoiled kitty. She takes a little extra care but she deserves it," Tara said.

"With everything she's gone through, she is a true Miracle."


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