Kittens Born During Blizzard Adopted By Dachshund

Kittens Born During Blizzard Adopted By Dachshund


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Four tiny baby kittens were born during a recent snow storm. They were found on a family's porch with inches of snow piled on. The mom cat left them behind, but luckily the family took them in and named them the blizzard kittens.

As soon as they were brought into the house, Jojo the Dachshund took to them like a mother. She started producing milk and began to nurse the babies. She is very protective of the kittens and wouldn't leave them out of her sight.

4 kittens were born recently during a blizzard. Their mom left them on the porch, but they were adopted by Jojo the Dachshund.

Cuddling with their new mom

They are Poseidon, Hephaestus, Pan and Zephyr.

This is love...

Watch them in action:

Photos via Blizzard Kittens (follow their story on Facebook).

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