Kittens from Different Litters Didn't Know They Needed Each Other Until Woman Seeks to Adopt Them

Kittens from Different Litters Didn't Know They Needed Each Other Until Woman Seeks to Adopt Them


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Two kittens from different litters didn't know they needed each other until a woman sought to adopt them.

kittens snuggly friendsBest of friendsKitkat Playroom

Lauren said her goodbyes to her beloved cat, Leo, last May, and was left with a void that she couldn't fill. A month later, she began looking at adoption sites as she yearned for that bond again.

She came across a post of a kitten named Webster from Kitkat Playroom (in Philadelphia), and was completely smitten with the little orange tabby. "Love at first sight is an understatement," Lauren told Love Meow.

She immediately knew that she wanted to adopt Webster, and kept on watching the livestream from the rescue. Little did she know, another kitten would soon pop into the picture and alter the course of the adoption.

ginger fluffy kittenWebster the kittenKitkat Playroom

Webster was one of the three orange kittens born to a rescued stray cat named Paige.

"His mom was a very pregnant stray who was trying desperately to get into every house she could. Finally, a kind woman let her in, and Paige had all three babies in 20 minutes," Jen Mack, founder of Kitkat Playroom, told Love Meow.

playful happy kittenKitkat Playroom

The long-haired, brightly colored tabby boy grew to become a masterful lap-cat. He would gaze up at his humans with his beautiful, soulful eyes whenever he wanted something. "He may have a permanently worried-looking face, but he's such a happy guy."

Webster was packed with confidence and enjoyed romping and tumbling with his siblings, but as soon as he spotted people at the door, he came running and wanted all the attention to himself.

fluffy lap kitten catKitkat Playroom

While Lauren was watching Webster through the livestream, she noticed a new feline family had made their debut on the screen, and one kitten caught her eye.

Pike, an adorable white blur, showed up on Lauren's radar one day and made quite the first impression.

sweet white kittenPike the kittenKitkat Playroom

"First thing I saw of him was him biting his own tail, and then hissing at himself for doing it. I thought, that's the kind of crazy I want in my house," Lauren shared with Love Meow.

Pike came to the rescue along with his mother, Mila, and his siblings. "This little man is a fluffy bundle of zoomies with a sleek gray racing stripe on his forehead," Jen added.

marshmallow kitten fluffyKitkat Playroom

"He is absolutely full of antics. When he finally comes to a full stop, he loves to sleep snuggled with a sibling in a soft bed or in your lap."

Lauren couldn't stop pondering about life with the marshmallow kitten. A week later, she sent in an application to adopt both kittens. Webster was then brought to meet Pike and his family, and he fit right in.

bonded kittensThey became instant best friendsKitkat Playroom

He immediately gravitated towards Pike out of all the kitties in the room. The two became instant best friends and lots of snuggles ensued.

They always ended up in the boat stretcher together, and Webster even started nursing on mama Mila alongside Pike.

nursing kittens catWebster started nursing on mama Mila alongside PikeKitkat Playroom

"It was as if the two of them knew. They slept together constantly and had a bond despite not being from the same litter," Lauren told Love Meow.

Webster and Pike, now renamed Fox and Alfie, have moved into their new home as an inseparable pair.

best friends kittensKitkat Playroom

"On their first night home, they cuddled up with us and purred for 12 hours straight. They slept through the night and showed complete contentment."

The two brothers from different mothers are now partners in mischief. They are always up to something.

best friends kittensThey were adopted together and renamed Fox and AlfieKitkat Playroom

They plot their next adventure together and are never out of sight from each other. "These two are very bonded. They sleep together half the time and play together any chance they get."

basket cuddly kittensAlfie and FoxLauren

"Alfie is always in your face purring. He growls when he has his favorite toy and it is the funniest thing ever coming from a little two pound kitten," Lauren added.

"Fox is gentle and mild 50% of the time. When he gets sleepy he becomes liquid and loves being held like a baby. The other 50% of the time, he runs as fast as he can across the house and his butt almost flies over him as he does."

best friends kittensLauren

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