Kotatsu Neko Cat

Kotatsu Neko Cat


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Kotatsu is a Japanese table with a heater fixed underneath covered with a thick layered blanket. It is a very popular furniture piece for Japanese families in the winter time. Usually people sit around the table, keeping their legs tucked in and warmed while watching TV or spending quality time with one another.

Cats love to keep themselves warm. In winter, they like to curl up against their owners or nap near a heater. In Japan, they snuggle under the blanket or crawl beneath the table to bask in the heat. Some of them enjoy lying on top of the table. The heat warms up their tummy, making them feel all relaxed and cozy.

In Japan, there is even an anime named Kotatsu Neko (cat) who is a big chubby white cat with spots of black markings.

Flickr: studiocurve

Flickr: Mathew McVickar

You can even make a paper Kotatsu cat if you are into paper crafting. Yamaha-motor provides a paper craft model for their Kotatsu Cat. You can download it here. You can get instructions here.

Flickr: vui


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