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Like Father Like Son


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When Neol the rescue kitty was five month old, he was introduced to two tiny orphan kittens found in a park on a rainy day. One of the them has a remarkable resemblance to Neol. His name is Benni. Neol took to the kitties like what a mother would do, snuggling and cuddling with them, even let them nurse on him. He never let them out of his sight and groomed them after they had their bottles.

Today Benni is turning five months. The little Neol look-alike has grown as big as his surrogate dad and they are still together, totally inseparable.

When Neol met Benni and his sibling:

Neol and Benni today. It's hard to tell them apart:

Kudos to Andreea for her rescue work. Photos courtesy of ©Andreea (flickr: andreeainjapan). Here they are snoozing on the chair:

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