Little Brother and Sister Duo

Little Brother and Sister Duo


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After Tracy sent away her last foster to a new home, very soon the shelter called again. There were two brother and sister kittens that needed some fattening up and lots of TLC. They were a bit shy when they just arrived, but that shell quickly cracked open and they started venturing around the house, greeting other cat residents, and feeling much more at home.

"Brother  is very smart and independent. Whenever I trimmed his nails or cleaned his ears, he just sat on my lap and did not fuss at all. He got along with all the cat residents and they treated him like their own brother."

Sister is the little princess who is not so easy to please sometimes, but you just can't help but love her when she gives you that 'look'.

When Brother's new mom contacted Tracy the other day and told her how much he had grown and how well he did at the vet's office, she felt all fuzzy inside. Though Sister still has her attitude and does not like the vet a bit, "knowing how much her new family loves and adores her makes everything I did worthwhile."

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

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