Little Calico Foster Baby

Little Calico Foster Baby


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Sleepy little Calico rescue | by ©Tracy Chan

Little kitten was found on the streets. Her eyes were not even open. The person who took her home had no idea how to feed the little poor thing. She came to Tracy who just adopted three more new members to her big furry family.

Tracy taught her how to bottle feed the little baby, but she was not able to carry on the responsibility. Even though Tracy had her hands full, she took the calico in anyway and started nursing her round the clock.

Little Kitten was infested with fleas and was skin and bones. After many sleepless nights, Tracy was able to nurse the calico baby back to health.

Happy, one of the cat residents really bonded with Little Kitten. She often checked on the little calico and bathed her after every meal.

This little dolly is all grown up today and is living happily in her forever home. Here are some of her baby pictures.

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

Itty Bitty Foster Baby | by ©Tracy Chan

A bundle of joy | by ©Tracy Chan

by ©Tracy Chan

Tiny stretch | by ©Tracy Chan

BIG stretch | by ©Tracy Chan

Happy giving Little Kitten a bath | by ©Tracy Chan

Comfy! | by ©Tracy Chan

Curious little darling | by ©Tracy Chan

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