Little Kitty Princess Praline

Little Kitty Princess Praline


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Praline has decided that she will rule the roost since the day she came to her new home. "I adopted her when she was 2 months old. It was love at first sight," said Lucile Defresne, Praline's mom. Today Praline is turning 2 years old, but one thing has not changed is that she remains the little princess in the house. Whatever she wants, she always seems to get it.

Praline loves to play especially with her mommy. "She likes to run around with me in the house." Praline will keep her mom busy running back and forth, tiring her up pretty quickly.

Besides playing chase with mommy, Praline is crazy about bags. Whenever Lucile brings back a crinkling one, in a matter of seconds, you will find Praline sitting in there, claiming it as her little fortress.

Praline is not afraid of her doggie friend rather she tries to pounce on his legs to show him who the boss is. Praline knows what she wants and how to get it. When she wants love and cuddles, she will surely let you know, and no one can resist it.

Photos courtesy of ©Lucile Dufresne (Praline's facebook page).

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