Little Pink Paws in Action

Little Pink Paws in Action


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Little pink paws in action. Squeeee!!!

A tiny little crying voice from a kitty caught a person's attention when he was out at an office building. "Someone heard a distress kitty call at my wife's work. She brought him home," said Chris Bates.

Initially Chris and his family were planning on fostering the little kitty until he is old enough to get adopted, but that never happened. "He never left our household. He has fit right in with the other 2 of our cats. We had him checked out by a vet as soon as he was able. Vet said he was a little older than we thought but healthy," Chris added.

They named him Goose and he's been with his family for nearly a year. He has grown into a beautiful and majestic cat.

Photos and story courtesy of ©Chris Bates. What an adorable face! More foto:

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