Mama Cat and Her 4 Calico Babies Rescued a Day Before Death Row, Can't Stop Purring in Foster Home

Mama Cat and Her 4 Calico Babies Rescued a Day Before Death Row, Can't Stop Purring in Foster Home


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A sweet cat mama and her four calico babies were saved from death row in the nick of time.

Meet mama Penelope and the calico sisters!

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

"This mom cat and kittens were part of a large group of cats at another shelter in Washington State," Ashely of @youngestoldcatlady told Love Meow.

The shelter called Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and told them that they were "out of space" and whatever kittens and animals they couldn't take would be "at high risk to be put down."

PAWS immediately stepped in to help. They took in the most at risk animals - all the kittens. Even though Ashley was fostering seven other kitties at the time, she gladly took in more into her foster home.

"It's worth it. Because they are innocent creatures full of love who just need a chance and someone to love them back... I can't imagine having them put down."

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

When the furry family of five arrived in heir foster home, they were already cuddling and purring up a storm.

The kittens were all over their loving mama cat, keeping her very busy.

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Ashley kept the furry family in a separate room from the other litter that she was fostering, so mama Penelope could focus on raising her fur kids.

Mama teaching her baby how to use a scratching post.

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

The sweet mama cat has four girls and they are all calicos. They love to form an adorable cuddle puddle when they nap.

Just like their mama Penelope, their names also start with the letter "P" - Pippa, Pepper, Pipper, and Polly.

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

A foster home saved these five precious lives. "(This is) an example of why fostering is so important."

The calico sisters and their loving cat mama have been adopted and are doing well at their forever loving homes where they are loved and spoiled.

Courtesy: Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

What an adorable furry family!

Share this story with your friends. Follow Ashley's foster kitties @youngestoldcatlady. If you would like to support PAWS' rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help. Follow PAWS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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