Calico Cat Won't Go Anywhere Without Her 'Baby'


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Zoee the calico likes to walk around meowing with this ball toy constantly.

It's her baby!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

Zoee has a toy that she has been very faithful to since the day she found it. [Scroll down for video]

"She did indeed pick that toy as her favorite, it was a two pack but she never touches the other one (a gray kitty head)," Sarah Brandt told Love Meow.

Despite Zoee's indifference in other toys, Sarah continues to buy new ones. "When I come home from a store she waits to see if I have anything for her. My dog also waits for a new toy or bone when I come back from the store. They're a bit spoiled."

Zoee lying on the blanket with her baby.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

Zoee and her "baby" are totally inseparable. Wherever she is, her toy is with her.

"She'll play fetch with it, just walk around with it, sleep with it, give it to the dog to lay with, and bring it to the door when I'm gone," Sarah told Love Meow.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

When the calico girl plays fetch with her human, it can go on for a long time.

Zoee has her mini-me right by her side when she hangs out with her canine bud.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

"It's really cute. Even though sometimes she gets annoying bringing it to me all the time. But then I just look at her and I can't be mad."

Watch Zoee and her 'baby' in this video:

A rare moment when Zoee doesn't have her toy with her.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

"Play fetch meow?"

Photo courtesy of Sarah Brandt

Does your kitty have something they won't go anywhere without?

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