Former Marine Saves Little Calico Kitten Who Is In Need of Motherly Love...


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A former US Marine took in an orphaned kitten who was in need of motherly love. In just a few weeks, she went from a scrawny little kitten to a playful ball of energy.

Meet little Jubilee!

Gabe @GabeLee

Jubilee was the tiniest little thing when she came to Seattle Humane Society, hoping for a second chance at life. The rescue kitty was just skin and bones and desperately needed a mother's love.

Gabe, a former Marine, took the kitten in to foster so she could get the round-the-clock care she needed to survive.

The little calico got a much-needed bath in a kitten-sized tub.

Gabe @GabeLee

Little Jubilee surprised her foster dad how much she enjoyed soaking in a warm bath.

She loved it!

Gabe @GabeLee

Getting her first weigh-in!

The tiny ball of fur was so happy to have someone to care for her and she discovered how to purr.

Gabe @GabeLee

She learned to eat from a bottle and got a cute milkstache after every meal.

Foster dad Gabe took on the role of a mother cat, and little Jubilee started to grow bigger and stronger.

Gabe @GabeLee

She was the sweetest little kitten!

Over the next few days, her personality started to shine.

Jubilee may be tiny but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in mischief and playfulness.

Gabe @GabeLee

Watermelon for scale!

Gabe @GabeLee

Jubilee learning to climb.

The curious calico climbed on top of her foster dad's Marine dress hat, giving it a proper inspection.

Gabe @GabeLee

She loves to sit on warm places.

Gabe @GabeLee

A few weeks later, Jubilee has really blossomed.

Her foster dad took her back to the shelter to get adopted. It was bittersweet but so rewarding to see the little kitten's journey from a tiny orphaned baby to a healthy, happy shoulder cat who had a forever, loving home awaiting her.

Gabe @GabeLee

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