Tiny Kitten, Who Could Only Hop and Do Splits, Learns to Walk


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A little ginger kitten couldn't use his hind legs, but with a lot of love and patience, he learned to walk and even run like other kitties.

Meet Kermit the cat!

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

It was mid-June last year when an adorable little ginger tabby came to the Cat House On the Kings, a no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center in Parlier, California.

He was a sweetheart and a snugglebug who couldn't use his back legs but surely made up for it with affection.

"We named him Kermit because as he was learning to walk, he sort of hopped like a frog," Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow.

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

After taking little Kermit to the vet, they found nothing broken in the legs, so they knew there was hope to get the kitty back on his four paws.

Kermit playing cat toys with his foster brother.

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

"So twice a day physical therapy was prescribed! And, boy, did it work! Except for a slight limp but you would never know that this active, playful, amazing kitten ever had any problems getting around."

"We also found that toys and food were great motivators," Harvie told Love Meow. "he was a curious fellow who loved to explore."

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

The little ginger boy got a lot of TLC from foster brother, who is also a rescue from the Cat House on the Kings.

"This is Kermit in his foster home, getting some love from one of the resident cats." The older cat encouraged him to move around and exercise his legs and rewarded him with headbumps and baths.

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

"He's been raised in a foster home with other kittens, cats, dogs and children."

Kermit's caregivers love him to bits! The little fur buddy demanded to be carried around.

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

After daily physical therapy, little Kermit learned to walk on all fours, and stole the hearts of a loving family.

Cuddling with his forever humans on his adoption day.

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

"Kermit is playing, running, jumping, attacking everything. He's using both back legs very well. He is standing on his paw pads now rather than dragging or using his toes to stand on," foster mom shared.

This adorable orange tabby came to his rescuers unable to properly use his back legs, but now he's running around in his forever home like a champ!

Courtesy: The Cat House On The Kings

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