Tortie Cat Rocks Her Purrfect Two-Toned Face in These Beautiful Pictures


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This beautiful tortie kitty has a purrfect two-toned face! Meet Yana the two faced kitty.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Yana is an adorable tortie cat from Belarus. She found her human mom, Elizabeth, an architect and design student from Orsha in July, 2016. It was love at first sight.

When Elizabeth saw that gorgeous split-toned markings on her face, she knew she had to take her home.

From that day on, Elizabeth shares everything with her beloved cat, including walking outside with her, showing her the beauty of nature and capturing those moments with her camera.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Yana has quite a purrsonality.

She's as sweet as she can be but sometimes she's a little prankster, creating antics in the house.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Her favorite thing in the world is to take walks outside with her human.

Yana doing her owl impression.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Elizabeth captures those moments they share together in her photographs - something that she cherish dearly.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Look at those magnificent whiskers!

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat


Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

Yana loves her "cat tree" and claims it as her own.

Elizabeth @yanatwofacecat

One of Yana's many antics.

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