Man Found Kitten Huddled in His Boat and Raised Him into Floofy Cuddlebug, Now 5 Months Later…

Man Found Kitten Huddled in His Boat and Raised Him into Floofy Cuddlebug, Now 5 Months Later…


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A man was out cleaning his boat, getting it ready for Spring early this year. After he removed the tarp, he spotted a tiny ball of fur huddled up in the corner.

Suddenly it started to squeak.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

"My husband was cleaning out our boat and found him alone. He brought him into the house," Louise Scofield told Love Meow.

There's a feral cat colony in their small town. The family later found out that the tiny fur baby was born in a garage about a block from their home along with another kitten.

"The man whose garage they were born in is a cat lover himself and he feeds the cats of the neighborhood. A few days after they were born, one of the siblings was found dead by his driveway. He immediately went to look for the other kitten but he was gone."

He couldn't find the mother cat, a feral, and thought he had lost both kittens.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

That was until the Scofield family found the little one in their boat squeaking for love.

Knowing that the neighborhood isn't a very safe place for tiny kittens like him, they took him in and started feeding him every two hours.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

"We took over and became his surrogate mother. We fed him, helped him go to the bathroom, loved him, snuggled him, everything his mama would have done," Louise told Love Meow.

They named him Whisker, and the little buddy joined three other kitties in the family, who are also rescues.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

As Whisker got bigger, his love for his humans grew even fonder.

"He is the most affectionate kitty I have ever seen. He insists on laying on our heads, faces, necks, laps, etc. His motor is constantly on high as well."

Supplied by Louise Scofield

"He gets along swimmingly with our other three cats (Sylvester, Joe, and Shadow Paw). His favorite playmate however, is our Chihuahua. They love to wrestle and chase each other around the house," Louise told Love Meow.

Whisker cuddled up to his human brother for an afternoon snooze.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

One of his favorite things is to sit on the shoulder of his rescuer, now forever human dad, to keep him company.

He was a tiny palm-sized kitten when they found him, and now five months later, he's blossomed into a gorgeous, fluffy cat, constantly showering his humans with love and cuddles.

Supplied by Louise Scofield

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