Man Gave Abandoned Kitten a Home, the Kitty Couldn't Stop Cuddling


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A ginger kitten was found without a mother by a neighbor who didn't want to keep him.

A young man saw the little kitten in need of a home and a lot of help. He did the only thing he knew--gave the little buddy a home.


"Poor little guy was dumped off by mom. He started out sleeping on the litter even though he had a blanket and stuffed animal," imgur user jinko82 said.

The kitten was scared and stayed in the litter for a while. The man gave him a much-needed bath and removed about 30 fleas.

The kitten felt so much better that he started purring.


He was named Vader.

The little guy snuggled up to his rescuer and fell asleep on his chest after he showed him love and comfort.


The next day, the kitten made a 180.

He followed his human everywhere he went and cuddled with him whenever he got a chance.


He curls up in his arms when they watch TV.

The little purrito kitten is in love with his new home.


He loves grooming his human.


Cuddles and more cuddles.


"Little Vader has a new home and loves it," the human dad said.


This is love!


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