Man Saves Kittens from Drowning in Storm and Goes Back to Find Their Cat Mama...


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A man saved three kittens from drowning in storm waters and went back out there to find their mother.


He heard kitten cries from the yard during a heavy storm and found three tiny babies soaked in rain water.

"They were stuck in about 3-4 inches of water," the man said via imgur. "Momma had them in a flower bed against the house. She didn't know that the water was rising that fast."

The man had been trying to get close to the mama cat for awhile, and when the storm hit he knew it was time to get them some help.


He grabbed the kittens, brought them inside his house, cleaned them up and wrapped them in a warm towel. The kittens stopped crying and started purring while snuggling in their new warm bed.

But there was still something in his mind—the mother cat.


He went back outside to look for the mama. After some time he found her and convinced her to follow him inside his house. The sound of her babies helped in a big way.

Mama was a bit skeptical at first...


As soon as she saw her kittens safe and sound, she began to trust.

The kittens immediately went up to their mama for a meal, and the sweet momma gave them baths as they were nursing away.


"Momma and kittens are doing great...," he added.

He's found a home for two kittens and he is keeping mama and one of her babies.


The day after the rescue he went to check on mama and her babies.

She came out of her hiding spot and walked up to her rescuer to greet him.


She rubbed all over his legs and purred up a storm as if she was saying to him, "Thank you."

"I think she likes me," he said.


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