Man Saves Tiny Stray Kitten, She Can't Stop Thanking Him


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Just a couple days ago, this tiny kitten was wandering around in the rain all alone until a good Samaritan spotted her and took her into his home.

"We found this stray kitten in our block, 2 days ago. She was dirty, very scrawny and hungry, and her eye was injured and she couldn't open it much. We took her in despite us having two very jealous cats. She was very scared and wouldn't stop crying," said Mario Serrafero.

Photo: Mario Serrafero

"We quickly fed her. I've never seen a cat eat so desperately in my life," Mario added. The kitten tried to eat their cats' food, but was too small to eat it. "We cut up some chicken, tender enough for her to eat it easily. Afterwards her tummy was round and she was ready for bed," Mario added.

They cleaned up her infected eye and things started to turn around for the little one. She was named Mimi.

More info onĀ imgur.

Desperately trying to eat, the family cut up some chicken, tender enough for her to eat easily.

Photo: Mario Serrafero

"Afterwards her tummy was round and she was ready for bed"

Photo: Mario Serrafero

They cleaned up her infected eye, and it was when she began to show trust and started purring aloud.

Photo: Mario Serrafero

They gave her a toy and she tried to play with it. Slowly she was coming out of her shell.

Photo: Mario Serrafero

Very soon the kitten started showing affection to the person that rescued her. Here Mimi is saying "Thank you!"

Photo: Mario Serrafero

"She cuddles with me at every chance she can get."

Photo: Mario Serrafero

"This is her now. Much healthier, cleaner, and loving than ever! Now in a loving home that will give her all the attention and care she needs."

Photo: Mario Serrafero

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